Deep in the Heart of Climbing.

Hi everyone! Today, we receive with a great pleasure two seconde students : Emma who’s a climber from a club, Roc & Pyrène and Zoé who’s part of the UNSS, our school’s club.

ThéoNet : Emma, how long have you been climbing and why did you chose this sport?

Emma : I think it’s about to be my 6th year. I’ve tried a lot of sports before, such as crossfit and swimming but I’d always preferred individual sports. That’s why I’ve decided to give a try to climbing because it’s a really complete sport.

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Emma ©Julie Cottin

ThéoNet : What about you Zoé, is it your first year in a UNSS club, and why did you choose this sport?

Zoé : I’ve first tried in sixième but I’d quickly stopped at the end of the year. So this year is my second year. Because I am in the boarding school, I was looking for something to do on Wednesday afternoons. That’s why I’ve decided to register to the highschool’s club. I have chosen climbing because I’ve always loved aerial sport such as trapeze and aerial silk.

ThéoNet : And have you done any competitions?

Zoé : Yes, I’ve participated this year’s in « défi UNSS ». I’ve finished first. The competition consisted of several trials. We had to climb 4 routes and the hardest one was timed to arrange the different participants.

ThéoNet : Emma, do you usually climb indoor or outdoor ?

Emma : Thanks to my club, I can do both, we actually climb indoor during our lessons and when summer comes we climb on a cliff and the best part of the year is when our club organises a one week summer camp in which we travel to new places, such as Corsica where we went climbing last year in its beautiful landscapes and sunny weather.

ThéoNet : Do you have any tips for a climbing beginner?

Emma : I would say, there is a bit of strategy and technique but you should not try to think about what you are doing for too long, or else you could get « scared » or stress too much. Because what you have to keep in mind is that you’re always in security. What I mean is that you have a harness, a rope and someone under you to secure everything. If you’ve done your knot well and you have trust in your securer then you are totally safe.

ThéoNet: Thank you so much girls for your participation!

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Escalade ©Julie Cottin

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