Mythical creatures

You all remember the Christmas folklore edition from a LONG while ago, right? well, this is (technically) a continuation of that!

I’ve seen some other creatures that I like. I’m here to explain them!

image 6

You probably know this one, right? this depiction of it is a little strange, but whatever.

Jack Frost is a personnification of frost and cold weather. He comes from anglo-saxon and norse customs. Frost is responible for those patterns and the fog on windows when it’s really cold. He’s not really all that interesting, but it’s cool to know about him.

He doesn’t usually ride a horse in most depictions, but here he’s represented as a mounted footman. (hoofman?)

2. Salamanders


Now, you may be thinking, « there’s no way. I know what a salamander is, it’s a wierd little lizard. That’s a wizard in a dragon costume. » And, you’d be…. Partly right. Salamanders ARE little black and orange lizards, but THIS beast is also a (depiction of a) salamander.

Basically, salamanders were horrid, fire-breathing lizards that burst into flames and sometimes came out of logs when you put them into your chimney. Sometimes it also looked like a worm or a… small bird?

Yeah, sometimes descriptions of mythology get a little strange.

Fun fact: This was the inspiration for the pokemon Charamander, and wyrms (yes, with a « Y ») were a kind of worm-like dragon that lived in hills!

3. Sirens

image 8

Wait, What? Sirens are the most basic creature, right? and what’s that picture up there?

Well, no. The fish ladies that you know and love aren’t actually fish ladies. They used to be 90% bird! They still functioned like they do in other mythologies, though. They sing people in with their greatest desire, yadda yadda.

Fun fact: They didn’t lure in sailors with their Incredible Beauty or whatever, they lured them in with their greatest desire, which could have very easily been money or garlic bread.

Other fun fact: Garlic bread was invented in the 15th century, so greek sailor’s greatest desires couldn’t have been garlic bread.

Also, for the fish versions, is there a distinct line where the meats seperate or is it a blend?

And that’s it! Pretty short, but whatever.

No real quiz for this, but which would you prefer: if it was a blend of both meats or if it was just a line in between seperating the fish and the human? (for the mermaid obviously)

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