Location :
Oxford is a British city located 90 km Northwest of London.                                                 

Oxford © Inès Fourel
Oxford©Ines Fourel

It is the administrative  centre of the county of Oxfordshire in SouthEast England, and as a regional town serves a hinterland extending to the Cotswolds.

Historical reference :
The buildings of Oxford are an example of all periods of English architecture, from the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons to the present day. It is nicknamed « the city of dreaming spires » (« la ville aux clochers rêveurs »), anexpression coined by the poet Matthew Arnold to describe the harmonious architecture of the buildings of the University of Oxford.

Economy :                                                                                        

Oxford has a varied economic activity, including car building (BMW Mini),education, publishing and many computer and scholarly forms businesses.



Education :
However the main asset of the city is its renowned educational aspect, Oxford city has become a hub for the best and brightest courses and allows the students to immerse themselves in a cosmopolitan city.
Life in Oxford is organized around the 38 colleges which compose the University Of Oxford.




PERSONNAL EXPERIENCE:  During 2022 Autumn holidays, I had the opportunity to go abroad and study at OISE School Of English. There, I had 4 main skills to work on : accuracy, grammar, speaking and reading. In total I had 40 hours of courses each week. The lessons were intense and there was much homework. However, thanks to that, I made huge progress in a short time. Beside the lessons, we visited many iconic places with the other students, such as The Bodleian Old Library, which is one of the oldest libraries in Europe, the Magdalen Tower and the famous medieval Christ Church Cathedral.

            With its academic atmosphere, and its historical and cultural richness, Oxford is just awesome and inspiring. I know you are probably thinking that my opinion is biased, but Oxford is clearly the best place to study.

             The University of Oxford is ranked as the number 1 university globally in 2022. The world-famous university puts students at the centre of Oxford life, Oxford is also home to lots of English language schools and international colleges, as well as Oxford Brookes university, making it a great place to be a student and the perfect environment for learning.When you live in Oxford, you are neighbors with one of the best universities in the world… This means you’ll see students walking around wearing gowns during exam weeks, be able to enter some of Oxford’s thirty-eight colleges for a tour, and even have access to some of the lectures and events held by the university. Especially if you are an academic person.

         The historic centre of Oxford is small enough to explore on foot and within easy walking distance of the bus and rail stations. There are many ways to discover this beautiful city: open bus tours, walking tours, river cruises and you can even hire a punt or a rowing boat from Folly Bridge, Magdalen Bridge or Cherwell Boathouse.

           Questioning is a major form of human thought and interpersonal communication, and plays a key role in discovery. Some discoveries lead to the invention of objects, processes, or techniques. A discovery may help the students in many ways! It could affect their point of view on different subjects and allow them to improve their critical attitude and critical way of thinking. Oxford is definitely the place to be !





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