Poésies venues d’Ukraine #1

Des lycéens Ukrainiens nous font partager leurs sentiments à travers une série de poèmes qu’ils ont écrits.

L’histoire de l’humanité a connu beaucoup de hauts, de bas et de redressements. En apprenant à connaître notre passé, nous pouvons préserver l’espoir. Même après la nuit la plus sombre, l’aube se lève. Toujours.


Pottery Poetry

The History of humanity has endured a lot of rises, falls and recoveries. By learning about our past we can preserve Hope. Even after the darkest night, dawn comes. Always.
Pottery poetry 
In front of me is ancient pot
With pictures and scars its burned clay
Who knows what stories and masters it’s got
For ancient ages, where its barren past lays
It was made in Greece, by Minoans perhaps,
And brought to Cannaan, where they landed
When (as historians say) the Bronze age has collapsed
Folks witnessed all their world has ended…
Encountered shortage, invasion, unrest
Sea people, who raided, but looked for refuge
All civilization has been put on test
But fell, when their fields have been deluged.
They tried to survive and forgot how to write
What once were the cities, was turned in grassland
Now, sheep-herding nomads had right
To create, think, rebuild and expand.
Those were arameans, whose language was holy
The Lydian kings, that created a coin
Jews were free from Egypt’s hand
Bible describes this old land.
And consciousness slowly to people returned
They learned written word, the cities rebuilt
The greeks reemerged, the things were well-turned
New cultures in history left their name imprint
And now we, the people, have found
This pottery, ancients’ relic
And gave it to view of the crowd,
So pot this by elders’ descendants uncovered,
to people will speak
We’re not new here, you see
And, I will ask you, remember:
We may be in 2 thousand something AD
But civilization is milleniums elder.
Oleksandr Panasenko

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