The Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi !

Saviez-vous que Le Louvre, musée emblématique français, n’était plus l’exclusivité parisienne ? Venez (re)découvrir son histoire ainsi que celle de son homonyme des Emirats !

First, the Louvre Museum in Paris was a fortified castle, then it was rebuilt to become a royal residence. In fact, successive kings all modified the castle in turn to their liking. But some kings, like Louis XIV, preferred to live in Versailles and decided to stop the constructions. In 1793, the castle became a museum, more precisely the central Museum of Arts of the Republic.

Now the Louvre Museum brings together many works such as paintings, sculptures or decorative arts. What’s more it holds a collection of Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and even Islamic art. Besides, the Louvre Museum is the most visited museum in the world. In 2018, it received 10.2 million visitors. Its influence is particulary due to the painting « La Joconde » by Leonardo da Vinci. If you want see it closely, you will have to brave a long waiting line…

Therefore the Museum represents French culture throughout the world. It is also thanks to a collaboration with a lot of countries. Indeed, for 8 years, the Louvre Museum has produced 70 exhibitions in 20 different countries, which have attracted more visitors ever ! Its opening to the world has been confirmed with an other museum in Abu Dhabi!

Besides, Abu Dhabi Louvre was inaugurated in 2017 after an inter-governmental agreement between France and the United Arab Emirates. This new museum owns an art collection from all over the world. Like the original Louvre in Paris, it has several temporary exhibitions not to be missed. Besides, it has a incedible architecture especially with its dome created by French architect Jean Nouvel. He decided to build that infrastructure on the Saadiyat Island, so that a wonderful landscape can be experienced. The tourists love to take a picture from there when there is sunset!

Julie Hombert

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