Vegetables are a social construct.

Whew! Wild way to start something, right?

Yeah, turns out « vegetables » ISN’T a biological family. Only culinary!

Here, I want to talk about the strangest vegetable relatives.

image 1
You see those two veggies? The ones that look NOTHING ALIKE? THEY’RE THE SAME FAMILY!

THIS is the reasons why taxonomists get screwed up by plants. They come from this thing:

image 2
This bad boy, the Brassica oleracea has lived in europe for THOUSANDS of years in Europe. THIS THING is responsible for things like kale, cauliflower, cabbage…

but it doesn’t end there! they can combine!

image 3
This creature is Broccoflower, a combination of (duh) broccoli and cauliflower, which are both born from the Brassica.


image 4
What is the name of this thing?
  1. Broccolini
  2. Romanesco Cauliflower
  3. King Arthur 3rd’s Holy Cauliflower
  4. just really, really fricked-up ornamental cabbage

ANSWER: This is Romanesco Cauliflower, which isn’t even cauliflower! IT’S JUST A FRICKED UP BROCCOLI.

By the way, thanks to user Biggest-Gaudiest-Patronuses on Tumblr for the info and images.

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