Poésies venues d’Ukraine #2

Pendant longtemps, les hommes ont regardé le ciel en pensant aux mystères des lumières inconnues. Suivant cette attirance, nous nous préparons aujourd’hui à atteindre des soleils lointains. L’avenir de l’humanité est dans les étoiles.
For a long time humans stared in sky, thinking about the mysteries of unearthly lights. Following this attraction, we are now preparing to reach distant suns. The future of humanity lies in stars. 
When we imagine the space, our planet seems very tiny. But so is the seed, which grows in much bigger plant. I believe: now we are the seed that will grow into great tree reaching stars with its branches.
Lorsque nous imaginons l’espace, notre planète semble minuscule. Mais il en va de même pour la graine, qui se transforme en une plante bien plus grande. Je crois que nous sommes aujourd’hui la graine qui deviendra un grand arbre dont les branches atteindront les étoiles.
 Manifest of interstellar destiny
In darkest night I look in sky
See thousands of dots, so close, yet so far
Some lights are bright, some dim and shy
But attention my took one falling star.
To me, it looks like skyfaring fish
Its tail is long, it was big, I can see
As people say, I can now make a wish
O, star, bring us, human race, to thee!
Since premordial times humans stared in space
They knew wery little, you may call them fools
They created a myth, dome so close to them seems.
We developed so fast, we have started space race.
And, for now, we have handful of sky-watching tools
We were driven by hopes, and inspired by dreams.
I know, time comes to make dream true
And, someone told me, it may crazy sound
We can escape this planet blue
And live some day on the unearthly ground.
Like pioneers, who’ve left the world old
Abandoned all they had, without any notion
About destination, future, with a rumor bold
About opportunities, and quality of life promotion.
They crossed the ocean, found shore
They struggled, worked hard, but noone could foresee
That their children prosper will, like nobody before,
And will make way from sea to shining sea.
But now, when miracles came true, we can make speculations
In trillions of miles of rigid interstellar beauty
Will voice be heard of Human nation
Why? ’cause we have the right and duty!
So, call it Manifest of interstellar destiny
(At least, it sounds best to me).
Half century ago, Fermi has asked: are we alone?
There are too many worlds. What’s the solution
To paradox of him? Some people say, all « other » species are long gone.
Civilizations fell from war, disease, pollution
They didn’t manage to controll
Great source of power, or they were too slow
So natural disaster, dice of fortune roll
Has caused them a mortal blow.
Or we are so unique, we are exception
From every others, chosen place of life inception
This surely frightens, but gives us attraction
For making this decisive action.
We have a lot of problems here, on Earth:
World overcrowded seems, and people want to eat,
Screams for equality are heard, to redistribute worth
The war and peace, we must our problems beat!
But, what if we can’t problems handle
And will just die, burn, like wax candle?
Humanity may have just one salvation
Performing space colonization!
And, even if we will get through,
And live in harmony, in heaven true
The sun will grow, Earth turns in boiling bowl
And folks in agony on surface crawl…
The life extinct, the Universe is dead
What was an error, misconception
Without memory will shred…
And I’m afraid of this conception!
Life isn’t error, it is treasure
When it expands, finds way, it gives me pleasure
And we, as eldest sibling, nature’s child
Must to fulfill the evolutionary mission
To spread both civilized life and wild
To every planet, asteroid and condition.
More place to live means many people
More sciencists, who finally will cancer cripple,
More cultures, friends, more novels, games and films,
More innovative and inventive engineers…
I know, the challenges will come
That can prevent our ascendence
But ingenuity and brave can dangers overcome
And under billions of suns will be our descendants.
However, we may natives on planets encounter
And aboriginals won’t have technologies to counter
Invasive earthlings. Don’t repeat mistake
Of human past. I think, it doesn’t take
Too much to treat them with respect
We can a lot of lore about aliens collect
All knowledge, but the best
Is to take care of humanism, not scientific interest
And, we can just settle asteroids
Who are the bounty in space voids.
Well, artificial housing is better
The weather can be more mild, or wetter
You can achieve a paradise
Inside this futuristical device.
We won’t see that, and neither our children
In stars is future of our thuosands great great grandchildren.
When little girl will look at stars
And ask « Look, daddy, who is here? »
And he will anser « Our cousins, dear
Old Earth’s grandchildren, like on our planet’s brother, Mars ».
Oleksandr Panasenko
int.manifest4 ©pixabay.com

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